Nikon Ti-E Motorized, Inverted Microscope

Confocal microscopy is used for imaging of thick tissue sections.

Notable Features:

  • Four excitation lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, & 640nm, with outpout power >15mW each
  • 8 fps & 100 fps high-speed imaging
  • High performance optics: 10X/0.3, 20X/0.75,  & 60X/1.4 oil lenses

Raman Microscope

Raman microscopy uses light to excite molecules.

Notable Features:

  • 2.5 μm depth resolution. 785 nm high power NIR diode laser, suitable for biological samples
  • Motorized microscope stage for XY mapping with 1 nm step size
  • 785 nm laser with CCD detector with range from 400 nm to 1060 nm
  • Motorized beam expander for variable laser spot size from 1 μm to 300 μm

Location: FIU’s Engineering Center, room 2372.

For information regarding training and rates per use, please select the “Training” and “Rates” tabs. For more information, please contact the lab manager.

Rate (name)InternalExternal
Confocal Microscope$35/hour$51/hour


To check the core’s availability and schedule a time, please use this link.

Make sure to have the proper core selected using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Select a time-slot under the piece of equipment you will be using to avoid double-scheduling. You will be instructed to log-in to finalize your appointment. Use your FIU credentials to log-in.

Required Training:

  • Read & sign the “Responsible Use” document
  • Read “Imaging Core Rules” document
  • Read User Manual
  • Watch tutorials (linked below)
  • Complete the following EH&S training & send certificates of completion to Lab Manager: Laboratory Hazard Awareness, Small Spills and Leaks, Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)


Confocal Microscope:                            Raman Microscope:

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