Beckman Coulter Optima MAX-TL Ultra Centrifuge

Uncomplicated and uncompromised performance. The Optima MAX-TL is capable of surpassing your centrifugation expectations. Reaching top spin speeds of 120,000 rpm, and 657,000 x g, this compact, quiet, and highly efficient table top ultracentrifuge is capable of separating high molecular weight compounds, viruses, and subcellular particles for study.

Notable Features:

  • Spin speeds limit of 120,000 rpm, 657,000 x g
  • Thermoelectric temperature control system with forced air
  • 10 acceleration profiles and 11 deceleration profiles
  • 99 min, 59 sec Continuous run, short run

Applied Biosystems StepOne Real-Time PCR System

The StepOne RTPCR system is a 48-well, low throughput PCR instrument compatible with a variety of standard and demanding genomic analysis techniques.

Notable Features:

  • 48-well Plate  (0.1 ml tubes)
  • 10-30 uL Reaction volume range
  • Sensitive 3-color optical LED recording system
  • Intuitive and robust software designed with a user friendly interface

Bio-Rad T100 Thermal Cycler




The T100 is a small thermal cycler is capable of running nucleic acid amplification, gene cloning analysis, gene expression analysis, mutational analysis, and cycle sequencing

Notable Features:

  • 96-Well Palte (0.2mL tubes)
  • 500 typical programs, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
  • Gradient range of 30-100 °C, Temperature range 4-100 °C
  • +/- 0.5 °C of programmed target temperature accuracy




Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite Spectrophotometers:

A compact, personal UV-Vis microvolume spectrophotometer. Delivering rapid, accurate, and reproducible microvolume measurements without dilution. The nanodrop’s compact design, with built in controls, and user friendly software allows it to be a great fit for our cell culture lab.

Notable Features:

  • Silicon Photodiode detector type
  • 260 – 280 nm wavelength range
  • Detection limits of 0.12 mg/mL (BSA), and 4 ng/u (dsDNA)

Other Equipment: Two Biosafety Cabinets, three types of Centrifuges, two types of CO2 Incubators, -80 Freezer, orbital shaker, vortex, light microscope, water bath

Location: FIU’s Engineering Campus, Room 3319.

Information regarding training and rates per use, please select the “Training” and “Rates” tabs. For more information, please contact our lab manager.

Rate (name)InternalExternal
Cell Culture Core$TBD/hour$TBD/hour

Our core facilities will provide most consumables for your use, free of charge. Each lab is responsible for purchasing their own chemicals/reagents/stains/antibodies. Any materials that are protocol-specific will need to be purchased by each respective lab.

Billing: Will be done on a monthly bases using FIU’s Smart Internal Billing. Lab Users please provide the lab manager with your PIs activity number that they use for funding.

To check the core’s availability and schedule a time, please use this link.

Make sure to have the proper core selected using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Select a time-slot under the piece of equipment you will be using to avoid double-scheduling. You will be instructed to log-in to finalize your appointment. Use your FIU credentials to log-in.

Lab Access: Access to the cores will be granted based on the alloted time of each individuals project. Once a project is completed, access will be terminated.

Required Training:

  • Read Standard of Procedures Document
  • Complete the following EH&S training & send certificates of completion to Lab Manager: Laboratory Hazard Awareness, Small Spills and Leaks, Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)









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